I’m In For a Meet-Up With a Group of Home Buyers For a Hannah House!

I’m excited to meet another group of homebuyers in Terraverde Residences. This time I am with my team mate Jen Degayo who brought along with her own client to join in with my clients for today. My daughter Zelene came in who is also eager to listen as I do the presentation. Our clients are […]

STONE-Y Realty Team Up with Terraverde Residences

Today  is the second day of Terraverde Project Orientation for Stone-Y Realty Team. I am so glad to introduce Terraverde Residences to our new team mates who are also our co-investors in Terraverde property which means that they will also have their own home in Terraverde Bancal. They love the place right away even if […]

Who Was the First Kid to Play Around in Terraverde Residences?

Development in Terraverde Carmona

We first heard that there will be a future residential project to be erected soon in Bancal Carmona around year 2015. Since then, I get to notice the place everytime I get to pass by the area. It took several months of anticipation before development of the site has finally started. Then we were surprise that […]

What is the Construction System in Terraverde Residences, Bancal, Carmona


One of the major concerns of a home buyer is the construction system. “What is the construction system of your residential project?”, was always the first question of our fellow Filipinos. It was great to inform our property investors in Terraverde Residences that it is Convention Construction System or the Hollow Block Construction System that […]


Are you wondering as a new home buyer when talking to a real estate broker start out by asking, “How much do you want to invest?” Then I will ask you something like “What’s your Age?” and “How much is your Gross Monthly Income?” Isn’t this pretty snoopy or customary for Realty Brokers? And you […]

Meet Up in Terraverde Carmona with My Teammate Loida and Ronald

It was this day April 10, 2016 that I first met Loida of DHL in Terraverde site and she was with her jolly companion and assistant Ronald.  It was a brief orientation about Terraverde Residences as they already like the place right away and done with their personal research about the Developer’s Background and the […]

Houses in Terraverde Residences are Guaranteed Hollow Block Construction System!

Address of Terraverde Residences

What a pleasant surprise in Terraverde Residences.  It’s the month of April 2016 and that means vacation for the kids. That’s why my daughter was with me for a meet up with client. What a great timing when we decided to go straight in Terraverde Carmona site with my child Zelene. It was actually her […]

STONE-Y Realty Team First Site Visit at Terraverde Residences, Bancal, Carmona, Cavite

Agents in Terraverde Residences of CENQ Homes

STONE-Y Realty Team first assembly was March 3, 2016 held at Jollibee Checkpoint Carmona, just along Governor’s Drive. So grateful to Janice who help me organize this assembly to introduce Terraverde Residences in our team. This was actually the first batch of our team under Stone-Y Realty. Thanks for the Jollibee treat Janice.  First batch […]

First Site Visit in Terraverde Residences, Carmona, Cavite

Bancal Carmona Terraverde Residences

I’ve been showing several home residential with my fellow realtor Lorie and I also thought of showing her about Terraverde location which she has been hearing for a long time already. She was so intrigued and excited because it is just within Carmona where we reside. It was easy for us to see the location […]

BelleCourt Santa Rosa, Laguna – Soon To Be Launched!

STONE-Y Realty has discovered another residence that will rise soon at the heart of Sta. Rosa, Laguna, called THE BELLECOURT. Bellecourt is just beside the Walter Mart Santa Rosa, a shopping center operated by Benison Group of Companies. Walter Mart is located at RSBS Blvd., San Lorenzo South, Balibago in Santa Rosa. Bellecourt Santa Rosa […]