Construction of Terraverde Model Houses and Development in Carmona New Residential


As of today’s development dated June 18 of 2016, almost all the five model houses in Terraverde Residences are finished that made our clients more excited of its completion and launching. The great thing about today is my appointment with these young fellows who are also new in doing the real estate services. They are […]

CENQHomes New Project at its Development Stage – Terraverde Residences


Today is a site updates observing the developments going on in Terraverde Residences after my presentation about houses in Terraverde with my clients. The exciting part to note about Terraverde developments is its model houses which started to be constructed around April and are now about to be fully constructed already. The next thing to […]

CENQHomes New Project Called Terraverde Residences is Indeed Promising Community in Carmona Cavite


It was such a vibrant day meeting my fellow investors from DHL Corporate Officers in Terraverde Residences. We are enjoying the surroundings through this duhat tree sitting just beside Terraverde site. It’s still summer and we are enjoying picking the fruits, having fun time just being around with each other. There was even a vendor […]

Find Most Affordable Houses in Terraverde Residences for Families


The best thing that we can expect with Terraverde Residences is that its homes cater all levels of income of buyers. Prices of Houses in Terraverde include the most affordable unit which are Micah House and Eloisa House. The recommended houses for the middle income would be the Hannah Houses, while the Samantha Houses and Olivia […]

I’m In For a Change in Terraverde Residences for Progress Sake


It was my determination to help other people own their dream home in Terraverde Residenes by guiding and inspiring them all along the way. It pushes me to continue despite the many rejections and failed moments I encountered along the way as I work on in promoting this enchanting place of Terraverde in Carmona. Then […]

Meet Up at Terraverde Residences with My Buyer Beth, Also Being An Agent


It was this day that I first had a meet up with the family of Ms. Beth, a very kind woman wanting also to own a house in Terraverde Residences as their property investment. They just express their willingness to endorse the residential in Carmona to their relatives, friends and officemates. They are full of […]

Micah Model House is the Most Affordable House in Terraverde Residences, Carmona


It’s a fun-filled day with several future residents of Terraverde Residences. Introducing Terraverde Residences with this big group made them more excited to own one for their family. You can feel the vibrancy in them as they enjoy seeing the Terraverde place. Some of them took pictures taking the houses as their background which they […]

It’s a Friendship Day Meet Up at Terraverde Residences, Carmona


This day is a friendship day because I am meeting a group of friends, it’s actually a bonding moment for them wanting to own their home located in one community and they are choosing Terraverde Residences to be the home of their family. Head of these families are mostly working abroad and truly glad to […]

Terraverde Presentation to Our Interested Home Buyers


These fellows are off to see the Terraverde site after listening to the Terraverde Presentation. Our OFW wanted to make sure that their family is in good hand and they are choosing Terraverde Residences as a safe place where their family can grow. They are excited to create family memories in the community of Terraverde […]

Eloisa Single Attached House in Terraverde Residences is a Loft Type House

Introducing Terraverde Residences to a group of interested buyers was always a fulfillment to our realty team. Our group of clients was so cooperative during their attendance in the Terraverde Presentation. It was also their opportunity to raise up their questions and concerns related to owning a home in Terraverde Residences. And they were glad […]