Family Victory in Terraverde Residences

House Tripping in Terraverde Residences

Remember this sir and ma’am. It was throwback family picture in Terraverde Residences, those days when Terraverde Residences is not yet available for viewing.   Your family is the living proof of being persistent and patient. The whole family came into to the site around June 2016 to express your intention to own a home […]

Construction Developments at Terraverde Residences

Agent in Terraverde Residences

Here’s good news for our clients with assigned house units in Phase 1. FULL BLAST of house construction will start this February 2017 already. These photos were taken as of February 4, 2017. You can see from here that several site engineers and a team of construction builders are all full of activity. To add, […]

RECREATIONAL ATTRACTIONS & Establishments Nearby Terraverde Residences

Client House Tripping in Terraverde

Meeting our client in Walter Mart Carmona is a favorite place to meet our clients as it is just near the location of Terraverde Residences. Speaking of several establishments near Terraverde Residences, it would be helpful to mention here list of establishments including recreations that would be beneficial to our future residents in Terraverde: CARMONA […]

The Anticipation Moment To See the Interior of the 5 Model Houses in Terraverde Residences

Address of Terraverde Residences

It’s amazing to see the daily development being done in Terraverde and this is the area improvement of Terraverde Residences as of June 21, 2016. People visiting the area are getting more exited to drop by each time they get to pass by the area of Terraverde in Carmona Cavite. They just could wait no […]

Creating Friendship First With Terraverde Clients as of June 21, 2016

Vivian Batoy with client in Terraverde Residences 2

Capturing every moment with all clients is always happiness. I never wasted every moment to set at least a brief connection with all clients so I can have a meaningful relationship with them before proceeding in promoting properties with them. These are surely the reason I became the most liked broker in Terraverde Residences. I […]

Staying Optimistic as a Salesperson in Terraverde Residences as of January 20, 2016

Accreditation in Terraverde Residences

It’s a pleasant afternoon to meet my team who are helping me to promote Terraverde homes. Despite their being a full time employees of DHL, they can still have the energy to do Real Estate to leverage their status as someone who have many connections in a corporate world. It’s a coincidence to meet buyers […]

Meet Up With Fellow Investors in Terraverde Residences as of June 20, 2016

Accreditation in Terraverde Residences

Today is meant to meet with my fellow investors who are also promoting Terraverde properties. They are so devoted and filled with enthusiasm about Terraverde Residences. Their cooperation in getting updates about Terraverde moved me a lot, which inspires me more about developments in Terraverde Residences. It’s also nice to note our effort in going […]

Sensible Lovely Couples in Terraverde Residences

Vivian Batoy with Terraverde Clients

I remember this day as being with my agent Lanie, someone very new in doing the Real Estate. She was ever willing and patient to learn as she comes along with me to observe me while I do the presentation to my clients and her referred clients. Another thing that is exciting today is about […]


Agent in Carmona Cavite for Terraverde Residences

You don’t have to wear executive dress or to look rich when you buy on a Spot Cash Basis for 3 OLIVIA HOUSES and 1 HANNAH HOUSE. They are wise investors in Terraverde Residences to which I really admire their being so humble, down-to-earth, very kind, being so cheerful and they retained their simple living […]

Fruitful House Tripping of Clients for Micah and Hannah Model Houses

Vivian Batoy with clients of Terraverde Residences

I finally met my fellow realtor, a new member in our realty team who brought her officemates along with her. They are glad to hear the Terraverde Presentation and ever excited to see the Terraverde place for the first time. Some of them wanting to own the most affordable house in Terraverde Residences, that is Micah […]