Are you one of the first-time home buyers overwhelmed with the large numbers attached to owning a home. Always be inspired that the benefits far outweigh the effort required in obtaining and maintaining one’s own personal residence like SMDC condominium located in prime locations.


There are significant home benefits to grab that sizable unit of SMDC condo property.

First benefit is APPRECIATION. Financial and feel-good are just a few perks you can get. Here’s a real estate wisdom that we can always keep in mind. Homes like condo properties are considered steady investment and safe because its values rise while debt amount drops. Definitely you don’t have those benefits if you’re a renter. You’ve been paying rent to landlord for many years now before owning a home. Do you know how many tens of thousands of pesos that were given out. Big waste!
Second benefit is Investment. It’s always good to think this way, owning a home forces yourself to save by investing in an asset like condo property.
Third benefit is the BORROWING CAPABILITY. A property can be used to secure a loan or attain a line of credit to be able to have a more buying power to fund your home improvements or to help with the buying of investment property.
Fourth Benefit is Stability. Owners of properties with fixed-rate mortgages, essentialy have the same payment for up to 20 years. Those with adjustable rates can still even figure out their maximum potential mortgage payment. It gives you a massive leverage over a renter who have no idea what they’ll be paying a few years to come.

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