Condominium is certainly the most attractive investment. Getting a condo should not be a nerve-wracking for first-time buyers if you have collected a lot of information to guide you along the way. I hope these guidelines will help you to being a fearless condo home buyer and finally decide to own your dream home.







1.Know the Environment. Be sure the condominium does not have incurable location defects such as smells, or freeways. Check also if there are environmental hazards like possible landslides and toxic wastes. There should be a fire station located nearby.
2.Convenience should be the major consideration in owning a condo. There should be nearby amenities and other establishments to support your lifestyle. Good areas should be with accessible public transportation or near major roads, or close to the central business district. You may want a place near your office if you work away from home. People who travel a lot may look for a nice place near the airport. An area that has a nearby good schools and hospital are a sure plus if you have a family.
3.Consider the Commercial Establishments. Establishments important to you should be within walking distance to save you time and money, creates also a safe and healthy environment when going out. This will also provide ease and convenience of access to everything that you will need to have a beautiful and stress free lifestyle within the metropolis.
4 . Know the Condo Rules and Restrictions. Installation of permanent fixtures, leasing and pet ownership are examples of restrictions. You can get a copy of the laws and restrictions before finalizing your condo plan.
5. Look for a property in a good location. Your chosen property should be located in places that are convenient to shopping, restaurants and establishments that are important to you. Major transportation routes should also be considered if you’re working or if you have children studying to reduce the commute time and costs.
6.Check Your budget. One way is to look if you have a good credit standing. Ask yourself if you can cover the required down payment and monthly mortgage? Condo usually asked you to at least provide 20% of the total contract price as your down payment.

Owning a condo is highly profitable for you in the long run whether you’ll be renting it out, living in it or you’ll be selling it. Always remember that good real estate always beat other few assets.

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