Meet Up With Fellow Investors in Terraverde Residences as of June 20, 2016

Today is meant to meet with my fellow investors who are also promoting Terraverde properties. They are so devoted and filled with enthusiasm about Terraverde Residences.

Their cooperation in getting updates about Terraverde moved me a lot, which inspires me more about developments in Terraverde Residences.

It’s also nice to note our effort in going to Terraverde site pays well because we were approached by a new client interested with Hannah Model House in Terraverde Carmona.

What a precious moment to remember in Terraverde Residences.

This is today’s developments in Terraverde Residences as of June 19, 2016.

Accreditation in Terraverde Residences

Tripping Schedule in Terraverde Residences

Vivian Batoy in Terraverde Residences

Olivia Construction of houseTerraverde Along Governor's Drive Carmona

We can almost see the Skyline of Makati and BGC from the place of Terraverde Residences which proves that this upland residential is very elevated area so it is spared from flooding.

Site Visit in Terraverde Residences

Find Out More About Terraverde Residences at:
Cavite Line: (046) 443-5013
Manila Line: (02) 703-4602
Globe/Viber: 0905.535.0258
Smart/Viber: 0919.996.8264


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