Procedure in Buying a House

House Tripping /Viewing

  • Buying a house is easy and simple. You can call text, email or chat us first for a tripping or viewing schedule.
  • View the Turn-Over Unit and the Dress-Up Unit of every houses.
  • Take a look of the house features, design and location as you view the different model houses.

Choosing the Best House Location Within the Village

  • Visit the actual site where the house you wish to buy and the village where the house will be constructed.
  • The position of the house like if it’s facing east as “morning sun or west, the distance from the access roads and house model are now being decided already during the house tripping.
  • Select from the map the block and lot if you’re finally decided that this house will be the best for your family.

Payment Terms for the House

  • Fill up a Buyer’s Information Sheet (BIS) and then pay the reservation fee. Reservation fee is non-refundable in case that you decide to cancel the unit but it is deductible to downpayment. Only cash, personal check, company check, cashier’s check or manager’s check are accepted as reservation fee. Credit card payment is not accepted.

Important Form and Contract to File and Sign

  • After paying the reservation fee, several forms including contracts are needed to be filled out and be signed which are part of your requirements in buying a unit, such as: Inhouse or Bank Loan Application, Forms, Insurance Forms (Mortgage Redemption Insurance aka MRI and Fire Insurance), Contract to Sell, Special Power of Attorney (if Buyer is not available),
  • Pay the first downpayment after 30-45 days from the date you reserved the unit.
  • You will decide what financing mode and terms of payment for your housing. The amortization will only start after the downpayment term.
  • We will give the list of requirements and the documents for signing.


Options can be:

  • Inhouse Financing
  • Bank Financing
  • Cash Deferred Payment – 24 equal monthly installment ZERO Interest
  • Spot Cash Payment – avail of discount if fully paid within 6 months.

Inspection and House Move-In Notice from the Developer

  • Developer will inform you when to inspect your house unit.
  • Notice of Inspection from the developer will be given to buyer once downpayment is paid in full with complete requirements based on the chosen financing mode (Bank and Inhouse Financing) and that Letter of Guarantee (LOG) of your house loan has been released.