RECREATIONAL ATTRACTIONS & Establishments Nearby Terraverde Residences

Meeting our client in Walter Mart Carmona is a favorite place to meet our clients as it is just near the location of Terraverde Residences.

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Speaking of several establishments near Terraverde Residences, it would be helpful to mention here list of establishments including recreations that would be beneficial to our future residents in Terraverde:


Carmona is a home for sports attractions that’s why Carmona is the Sports Capital in Cavite. Here are the following sports that you can enjoy once you’re a resident of Terraverde Residences:

  1. GOLF COURSEin The Manila Southwoods Golf and Country Club
    2. CARMONA RACING CIRCUIT – located in Barangay Bancal
    3. HORSE RACING – located in San Lazaro Leisure & Business Park, also called Manila Jockey Club, Inc.
    4. CARMONA BASEBALL ACADEMY – The baseball field, located in Brgy. Lantic, consists of three baseball diamonds.
    5. CARMONA FIRING RANGE – Located in Barangay Milagrosa near San Lazaro/Casino Filipino. Carmona Firing Range is managed by Carmona Cavite Integrated Shooters Gun Club (CCIS).
    6. PARAGLIDING AT CARMONA – Located in the foothills in Barangay Lantic. It is a growing adventure sport that attracts people from all walks of life mainly because of the feeling of freedom it gives when you are soaring in the skies.

Paragliding is an adventure sport wherein a rider jumps off from a cliff and is lifted by air through a harness attached to a canopy.

RECREATIONAL ATTRACTIONS Nearby Terraverde Residences:

  1. Paseo de Carmona– A retail complex of Carmona launched in 2007. It is highly accessible to residents of surrounding communities. Paseo de Carmona is home to numerous enterprises ranging from business centers, banks and salons, fastfood chains and restaurants opened to compete for regular patronage for great-tasting food, to intimate folk jams and videoke. Paseo offers clean fun all night.
    2.Waltermart Carmona Branch – A shopping center located in Macaria Business Park Governor’s Drive Barangay Mabuhay. It is known for its proximity to Carmona Town Proper.
    3.Puregold Carmona Branch – A supermarket that is price friendly to residents with sari-sari store, located just along Governor’s Drive of Carmona with proximity to Carmona Town Proper.
    4.Carmona Square – As in Paseo de Carmona, it also has fastfood chains etc. Located in Governor’s Drive Corner of Cabilang Baybay. It is known for its proximity to Carmona town proper.
    5.Carmona Serenata 24/7 Entertainment Complex (U.C.) – An entertainment complex located in Macaria Business Park, Governor’s Drive, Barangay Mabuhay.

ECO-TOURISM near Terraverde Residences, Carmona, Cavite

1.Carmona Organic Demo Farm – Located in Barangay Lantic. This farm was cited as a showcase of “good practice” in agriculture.
2.Carmona Ecology Center – Located in Barangay Lantic. The Center was cited as a showcase of “good practice” in solid waste management in the country.

RESORTS considered near Terraverde Residences, Carmona

1.The Viewfort Venue – Viewfort is a fastidious resort, accommodation, and events venue located along Governor’s Drive in Barangay Cabilang Baybay. With its landscaped and expansive gardens, this resort stands incomparable in beauty and service. The breathtaking views of Laguna Lake from the top of the hill will surely relax your eyes and body as well.
2.Sylvia’s Place – Located on Market Road Barangay Maduya.
3.Municipal Pool – Located in the middle of the fields of Barangay Lantic and it is managed by the Local Government of Carmona.
4.Villa San Pascual Resort – Located also in the middle of the fields of Barangay Lantic.

Other Attractions Near Terraverde Residences Carmona:

1.Carmona Public Market (CPM) – Located on Market Road Brgy. Maduya
2.Carmona Town Plaza – The Plaza and the central area of the town located in Brgy. 4 – J.M. Loyola at the Poblacion Area. Located here are Hon. Marciano Mapanoo Park, and the first parish in Cavite to have been dedicated to St. Joseph, St. Joseph Parish Church or Paroquia de Carmona, and the museum of Carmona, Museo de Carmona.

EDUCATION available in Carmona, also near in Terraverde Residences

PRIVATE  (pre-school/learning center/elementary/high school/college):
Colegio de San Jose – Magallanes St, Barangay Poblacion 6
Holy Christian Academy – Carmona Townhomes Barangay Milagrosa
Children of Mary Immaculate School – Barangay Poblacion 1
Cornerstone Christian Academy – Barangay Mabuhay
Koramfil Christian School – Barangay Milagrosa
Reyjoice Learning School – Barangay Mabuhay
Carmona Christian School – Barangay Maduya
Aranda Educational Institute – Governor’s Drive, Barangay Bancal
St. Anthony De Carmelli Academy – Carmona Estates, Barangay Lantic
Beatitudes Technological & Theological College – Carmona Townhomes Barangay Milagrosa and Phase 4 Barangay Milagrosa
Toddlers Smart Learning Center – Barangay Mabuhay
Zion Academy – Barangay Mabuhay
Kumon Learning Center – Macaria Business Center, Barangay Mabuhay

Saint Michael Montessori de Carmona – Grace Street, Cityland, Carmona, Cavite
Cavite State University (Carmona Campus) – Market Road, Brgy. Maduya
STI e-College Southwoods – Southwoods Avenue, Brgy. Maduya
Imus Computer College Carmona Branch – Gov. Drive, Brgy. Maduya[23]

Public (secondary)
Carmona National High School – Barangay Poblacion 8
Public (elementary)
Carmona Elementary School – Barangay Poblacion 8
Maduya Elementary School – Barangay Maduya
Mabuhay Elementary School – Barangay Mabuhay
Cabilang Baybay Elementary School – Barangay Cabilang Baybay
Milagrosa Main Elementary School – Barangay Milagrosa
Milagrosa West Elementary School – Phase 3, Barangay Milagrosa
Lantic Elementary School – Barangay Lantic
Bancal Elementary School – Barangay Bancal
Paligawan Matanda Elementary School – Sitio Paligawan Matanda, Barangay Lantic

Public (pre-school/day care)
Carmona Elementary School (inside) – Barangay Poblacion 8
Maduya Elementary School (inside) – Barangay Maduya
Mabuhay Elementary School (inside) – Barangay Mabuhay
Cabilang Baybay Elementary School (inside) – Barangay Cabilang Baybay
Milagrosa Elementary School (Main) (inside) – Barangay Milagrosa
Milagrosa Elementary School (West) (inside) – Barangay Milagrosa
Lantic Elementary School (inside) – Barangay Lantic
Bancal Elementary School (inside) – Barangay Bancal
Rural Improvement Club Children Center (Under DA) – Barangay Poblacion 4
San Jose Day Care Center – Barangay Poblacion 2
Milagrosa Day CareCenter IV – Barangay Milagrosa
San Roque Day Care Center – Barangay Cabilang Baybay
Maduya Day Care Center – Barangay Maduya
Mabuhay Day Care Center – Barangay Mabuhay
San Agustin Day Care Center – Barangay Bancal
Lantic Day Care Center – Barangay Lantic

Some of our clients are owning a property as an addition to their existing property. They are called Real Estate investors. Property investors usually are eyeing for a residential that still no development in the area as it would mean that there were no price increases yet in that property. It’s a wise buy for them if they own these properties at a launching stage.

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