You don’t have to wear executive dress or to look rich when you buy on a Spot Cash Basis for 3 OLIVIA HOUSES and 1 HANNAH HOUSE.

They are wise investors in Terraverde Residences to which I really admire their being so humble, down-to-earth, very kind, being so cheerful and they retained their simple living despite the abundant life they have because of their strong spiritual life.

You can see from their life that they are filled with hopes and happiness. They have kept life simple and they love true.

They are the people who knew how to live a life of serenity and not regrets by cherishing each happy simple moment as they become the living testimony during the development of Terraverde Residences.


They are truly a source of inspiration to others. I LOVE MY CLIENTS and that’s confidence! Vivian Batoy of Terra verde Residences Carmona

Vivian Batoy with CENQHOMES

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Find out more about Terraverde Residences by calling our office at (632) 703-4602 or +639199968264 to know more.
Or For Easy Communication About House Inquiries, You May Add Me at Facebook, search name: VIVIAN COLOMA-BATOYor
0919-996-8264 (Smart)
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Or Click this Link to get Terraverde House Details: ABOUT HOUSES IN TERRAVERDE RESIDENCES

Vivian Batoy of Stone Y Realty

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TERRAVERDE RESIDENCES belong to the Municipality of Carmona, a first class urban municipality in the province of Cavite. Terraverde Residences is exactly located along Governor’s Drive in Brgy. Bancal, Carmona, Cavite. It is situated at a very high elevation less prone to flooding.

There will be five model houses to choose from in Terraverde.

 Model Houses in Terraverde Residences Carmona

TERRAVERDE Residences in Carmona is very accessable because there are jeepneys passing by this residences going to Alabang, Binan and GMA. There are even early buses passing by going to Metro Manila area.

Transportation in Terraverde Residences CarmonaTERRAVERDE RESIDENDCES in CARMONAMap in Terraverde Residences

GOOD NEWS! Construction system in TERRA VERDE RESIDENCES is CONVENTIAL TYPE or the HOLLOW BLOCK CONSTRUCTION SYSTEM which are most preferred by Filipinos over the precast panel board. See pictures of model houses as proofs:

Terraverde House Tripping

Terraverde House Construction in CarmonaTerra Verde Residences Details

OliviaOlivia House Development in Terraverde Residences


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Hannah Model House for sale in Carmona CaviteElosia Turnover Unit House in Terraverde ResidencesMicah Turnover Unit House in Terraverde Residences

You may also set a schedule for HOUSE TRIPPING IN TERRAVERDE RESIDENCES for a FORMAL PRESENTATION about CENQHomes Development Corporation and its project named TERRAVERDE RESIDENCES.

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